MUST WATCH:  Pete Maravich’s 68 pts against the Knicks, shot for shot

Pistol Pete is an absolute #GotEm God.  He’s in my Top 5 favorite players of all-time, and in my opinion, needs to be considered in the Top 20 (maybe 15?) players in NBA history, by the simple fact that he’s one of the top 5 offensive players to ever play the game.  Maybe his defense was a shortcoming, but his specialty (offense) may never be duplicated ever again.

Nobody ever said, “Only thing Picasso could do was paint.” 

Pete did it with style too.  That’s got to count for something.  Ultimately, basketball is entertainment, and you name me 15 guys more entertaining than Pete Maravich.  The best 1-2 punch in basketball history would have been Pete Maravich and Sobriety.

I’m about to shut down Got ‘Em Coach, and reopen shop as FuckYeahMaravich.